SIMSCAN, the only hand-sized 3D scanner in the market so far, is a disruptive innovation of the traditional 3D scanners’ structure and a revolutionary product in 3D optical metrology industry.  

No matter in narrow spaces, or under huge objects, SIMSCAN performs high-quality 3D scanning without any restriction of the working environment. Metrology-grade measurement system helps capture every detail and construct 3D model in a very short time. Designed under minimalism, the metal shell enables SIMSCAN to achieve a balance between weight and performance.

Toughest Ever
Revolutionary full metal shell provides solid protection, and aerospace-grade materials ensure extraordinary durability.
Aesthetic Design
With ergonomic design, SIMSCAN fits perfectly in your palm, truly realizing a perfect fusion of aesthetics and practicality.
Single-handed Control
Weighted only 570 g and sized by 203 × 80 × 44 mm, SIMSCAN brings unparalleled simple-ness for scanning anything with one hand.
No matter in narrow spaces, or under huge objects, the remarkable portability of SIMSCAN enables it to proceed 3D measurement anywhere and anytime. 
Detail, Everywhere
Under parallel blue laser mode or single line deep hole mode, 0.020 mm of accuracy, every detail is nowhere to hide, even for scanning complex surfaces.
Smooth 3D Experience
11 crossed blue lasers, 2,020,000 measurements/s and 410*400 mm scanning area bring smooth and efficient 3D digitizing experience.


Ultra-fast scanning
11 blue laser crosses
Hyperfine scanning7 blue parallel laser lines
Deep hole scanning1 extra blue laser line


Work alone0.020 mm + 0.040 mm/m
Work with MSCAN-L150.020 mm + 0.015 mm/m


Laser lines in total30
AccuracyUp to 0.020 mm
Scanning rateUp to 2,020,000 measurements/s
Scanning areaUp to 410 mm × 400 mm
Laser classClass II (eye-safe)
ResolutionUp to 0.025 mm
Stand-off distance300 mm
Depth of field250 mm
Output formatspj3,asc,igs,txt,mk2,umk,stl,ply,obj
Interface modeUSB 3.0

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